Is pet insurance for indoor cats worth it?

11 December 2023 - 3 min read
Injured cat

Cats usually like to run, play, and climb whenever they can - so it’s not surprising that they sometimes suffer bumps and scrapes when they go outside. 

Fortunately, owners can take out insurance to help manage the cost of unexpected trips to the vet as a result of outdoor accidents… but what about cats that don’t like to go outside? Do they still need pet insurance? And is it worth it? 

Let’s take a closer look at why owners might consider getting insurance for their indoor cats. 

Do I need indoor cat insurance?

There are plenty of reasons that a cat might stay indoors: they may be older or very young, or they may have an injury or condition that prevents them from going outside. On the other hand, they may simply prefer to stay indoors because they enjoy being warm and cosy… and who can blame them?

If you have what you’d describe as an ‘indoor cat’, it’s tempting to think they live quite a sheltered life and aren’t at the same risk as cats that go indoors. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true: let’s look at some of the dangers that indoor cats face…

Understanding an indoor cat’s world

Indoor cats can be just as mischievous, curious, and adventurous as their outdoor counterparts - and get into the same kind of physical accidents. So, what kind of physical risks do cats face in the home?

  • Falls and injuries: Cats can climb really well, and love playing, so they could easily take a tumble from a bookshelf or have something fall onto them in different parts of your home. 

  • Foreign objects: If you have a curious kitty, you’ll need to be extra careful that they don’t eat small objects or get their hands on other bite-size choking hazards. 

  • Toxins: Lots of household substances are toxic for cats, including cleaning products, human foods, and even certain plants. 

Beyond physical dangers, indoor cats are also at risk of diseases and other health problems - just like outdoor cats. These include:

  • Chronic conditions: Your indoor cat might develop a common cat disease, such as hyperthyroidism or chronic kidney disease. 

  • Obesity: Indoor cats often lead a sedentary lifestyle and might be at greater risk of obesity, and other related issues such as diabetes or heart disease. 

  • Dental health: All cats can suffer from dental illness or injury. Similarly, your cat may need dental check-ups and cleanings regardless of whether they go outside. 

  • Genetic issues: Many cats develop illnesses as a result of genetic conditions that are specific to their breed, or that are hereditary.  For example, Siamese cats are prone to respiratory and dental problems, while Persians are prone to kidney problems. 

  • Normal health issues: You’ll have to deal with inevitable health complaints from your indoor cat every now and again, including things like vomiting, diarrhoea, and allergies. 

  • Routine vet costs: Don’t forget, you’ll also need to pay for a range of routine medical costs over the course of your indoor cat’s life. These include the vaccinations they’ll need when they’re kittens, neutering, worming and de-fleaing treatments, and routine check-ups. 

Of course, there’s no guarantee that an indoor cat will get injured or develop an illness, any more than an outdoor cat might. It is important, however, that you think about the potential health risks your indoor cat faces - and take steps to make sure your furry friend stays healthy and happy. 

The cost of cat insurance for indoor cats

Given the risks your indoor cat faces, it might be worth taking out an insurance policy for them. 

Emergency visits to the vet can be quite expensive, so whatever your cat’s complaint, it’s good to know you’ll be able to get them the treatment they need, when they need it.  That’s not to mention the possibility of your indoor cat developing a disease or needing a teeth cleaning: the costs of cat ownership quickly add up and you can manage them by planning ahead

If you’re still weighing up the potential value of indoor cat insurance, consider how much you might spend when you take them to the vet. In 2023, the average cost of a vet consultation in the UK was £53.82 - but that doesn’t include the cost of any treatment or medication your cat might need. From November 2022 to October 2023, the average ManyPets insurance claim for a cat was £327.94.

With an insurance policy, you’ll have support for the cost of any necessary vet treatment, and for dealing with subsequent complications. Some providers, including ManyPets, also include cover for some pre-existing conditions, and for dental illness and injury

Protecting your cat wherever they roam

No matter your cat’s preference for indoor or outdoor adventures, cat insurance promises the same support and peace of mind should they get into trouble. If you’re still unsure about insurance for your indoor cat, we can help: explore our cat insurance policies, or contact us for a quote today!

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