Review: More Than Pet Insurance

2 November 2021 - 4 min read

Key policy features

  • Offers lifetime and accident-only cat and dog insurance

  • Four levels of highly rated cover, with up to a £12,000 annual vet fees limit

  • New customers can get a 40% discount when they buy online.

How Does More Than pet insurance compare to ManyPets?

All ManyPets policies are lifetime, which means the vet fee cover level resets every year you renew so it can cover ongoing illness and conditions throughout the lifetime of your pet.

In comparison, More Than has one lifetime policy called Premier with a vet fee cover limit of £12,000. This is less than ManyPets's Complete policy which provides up to £15,000 of cover.

More Than has three other policies available which are less comprehensive than lifetime, they include: Accident Only, Basic and Classic.

ManyPets provide a Multi-pet discount of up to 15% (our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy). By comparison, More Than offer a discount of 10%.

ManyPets offer policies that can cover conditions that ended more than two years ago. They also have a policy that can cover conditions that have ended more recently.

More Than state that pet owners can take out cover if their pet has a pre-existing illness or receiving treatment after an accident, however that illness or accident will not be covered under the chosen policy.

Unlike More Than, ManyPets does not have a preferred referral network of vets. You can claim for vet fees no matter which practice you choose to visit.

Insuring your pet with More Than, means that if they need veterinary treatment and you wish to claim, you will need to visit a vet practice in More Than's network. If you choose a vet from outside More Than's network, you will need to pay £200 of the referral vet bill yourself. This amount is in addition to your policy excess.

We've compared the top levels of cover that we and More Than offer. The table uses our Complete policy in comparison to More Than's Premier policy.

ManyPetsMore Than
Highest vet fee cover£15,000 (Lifetime)12,000 (More Than Premier)
Access to free video vet appointmentsYes (24/7 video vet call through First Vet)Vet helpline included in all four policy types
Claims waiting period is removed if you switch to the providerYesNo (14 day waiting period applies)
Lifetime coverAll policides(More Than Premier)
Excess payableOnce per yerper new claim
Multi-pet discountDiscount of up to 15% for pets insured on the same policy (our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy)Yes - 10%
Cover for dental accidents and illnessYes (Up to full vet fee limit)Yes (for dental and complementary treatment up to £1,000

Overview of the cover provided by More Than Pet Insurance policies

For both dog insurance and cat insurance, More Than offers four policies: Accident Only, Basic, Classic and Premier.

Here's a guide to the four levels of cover:

  • More Than Accident Only is the company's cheapest pet insurance policy. It will allow you to claim up to £2,5000 on your pet’s vet bills in the event of an accident, but note that illness is not covered. Claims are also restricted to a 12-month period.

  • More Than Basic is a time-limited policy, with maximum claims per condition (injury or illness) of either £1,500 or £3,000.

  • More Than Classic is a per-condition policy, with maximum claims per condition of either £4,000 or £8,000

  • More Than Premier is a lifetime pet insurance policy. It's the most expensive policy, and therefore the most comprehensive. It offers the highest level of cover for vet bills (up to £4,000 or £12,000) and has a 5 Star rating from Defaqto.

All More Than policies offer cover for accidental damage (cats and dogs) and third-party liability (dogs only). Classic and Premier offer a number of additional features, including cover for: death from accident or illness, lost and found, and pets abroad. They also offer a multi-pet discount, on top of the 40%% discount for new customers buying online.

More Than this year introduced a referral vet network. The idea is that More Than signs up vets to its network to ensure they're providing quality care at competitive prices and to make sure they provide all the treatments you're entitled to through your insurance policy.

More Than will also be able to pay the vets directly for the treatment so you won't have to claim back costs. You can still visit your regular vet but if your dog or cat is referred for specific treatment you'll need to follow certain guidelines.

If your pet needs to be treated by a referral vet, your usual vet will let you know which referral vet from More Than's preferred referral vet network you should go to. If choose a vet from outside its network you will need to call them to let them know and you may have to pay £200 of the referral vet bill yourself. This amount is in addition to your policy excess.

There are over 50 vets in More Than's network and you can find where they're located on its website.

If your pet needs emergency treatment for a condition which could lead to loss of life or cause serious threat if not immediately treated; your pet can visit any vet and you will not have to pay the additional £200.

More Than has recently updated its policies to restrict cover for problems with a pet's cruciate ligaments. Their Accident Only policy does not cover any conditions related to cruciate ligament problems.

The rest of their policies cover cruciate ligaments but exclude all related claims, including those for an accident, within the first 14 days of the policy.

More Than pet policy excess

More Than charge an excess of £100, and you can choose a voluntary excess of 10% or 20% of the claim.

More Than pet insurance TV advert

In January 2019 More Than released a TV ad called Pet Got The Blues that captured the attention of British owners.

It stars a gnarled (CGI) Bloodhound who picks out a blues lick on a guitar and a cat giving it their all on a harmonica.

Watch the ad here:

The ad highlight's the vetfone service More Than offers as part of its pet cover. It should be noted that many other companies offer this or a similar services.

It's designed to give expert advice if you're concerned about your pet but does not replace a proper diagnosis from your vet.

How much does pet insurance from More Than cost?

The price of pet insurance will depend on a wide range of factors, including where you live, the breed of your pet, and which policy you choose.

Find out how much your quote is on the More Than pet insurance site.

More Than pet insurance promo code, cashback and discounts

New customers can get a 40% discount when they buy a policy online. They also offer a 10% multi-pet discount for pets insured on the same policy. More Than also offers cashback from a number of sites such as Quidco.

ManyPets offers a Multi-pet discount of up to 15% for customers with more than one pet (our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy).

What We Say

We believe More Than offers good value for money and a good range of options to choose from, which were both key reasons why we chose to work with them.

Its pet insurance is one of a number of brands underwritten by RSA, one of the world's largest insurance companies. (The other pet insurance brands RSA underwrites include John Lewis, Argos, Homebase, Tesco, M&S, and the RSPCA).

As with all RSA-backed pet insurance companies, pet insurance from More Than tends to be significantly cheaper if you live outside London and the South East of England.

How does More Than Pet Insurance compare with other pet insurance policies?

Consistently performing well in a number of independent reviews, there’s no doubt that More Than provides a good quality of service, while also offering competitive prices.

Ronny Lavie
Content creater

Ronny Lavie is a former content creator for ManyPets. She has gone on to write for a number of financial services sites, including the Fintech Times and Finder.