Review: Simplyhealth Insurance Review

Irina Wells
31 May 2016 - 5 min read

On August 1 2015, Simplyhealth stopped providing Private Medical Insurance. The review below mostly relates to their original Personal Health plan which is no longer available, but does include some details on the Dental, Accident and Cash Plans that Simplyhealth continue to offer as alternatives.

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Simplyhealth is the UK’s biggest cash plan private health insurance provider. Previously known under a number of names – including HSA, HealthSure, Totally Active and Medisure – it currently has more than 3 million customers, including 20,000 companies.

Overview of health insurance cover provided by Simplyhealth

Simplyhealth offers a Personal Health private medical insurance plan. This plan has only one level of cover – so it is perhaps a lot easier to understand than competitors with multiple levels of cover.

However, there are still some choices to be made due to the optional modules that can be added. One significant distinction is that it treats Heart and Cancer conditions separately to all others.

You can compare Simplyhealth's prices and policies in depth versus others on the market using

The standard cover includes diagnosis cover – this covers all diagnostic tests and consultations in order to diagnose a condition, including blood tests, X-rays and scans such as CT, MRI and PET scans where you are referred by a GP.

There are then two further modules to choose from as options.

The first is a ‘Treatment’ module that covers the necessary treatment to help you get better once a condition has been diagnosed. This covers a range of treatments (many of which are usually specific options for other health insurance providers) including hospital and specialists fees, physiotherapy, psychiatric and complementary therapies.

The second module is for Heart and Cancer. There are specific exclusions in the Diagnosis and Treatment modules above that state that Heart- or Cancer-related treatments and even some diagnostics (e.g. angiogram) are not covered. This option provides cover for both the diagnosis and treatment of Heart or Cancer conditions. Given that these are two of the more common forms of serious illness, it’s important to consider whether you want to go without this module. Of course, as a result, the premiums are reduced significantly by excluding this option meaning it can make cover for other conditions affordable if you are willing to be uncovered for Cancer and Heart illnesses.

You can compare Simplyhealth's prices and policies in depth versus others on the market using

SimplyHealth also offer Cash Plan; this is not a health insurance policy as it will not cover you for significant illnesses and major operations. Instead policyholders pay a relatively low monthly or annual fee and receive cash back whenever they have a minor medical appointment like visiting the dentist, optician, physiotherapist or other recognised healthcare practitioner.

The Cash Plan is designed to contribute to regular, small medical expenses and so pay out amounts are limited to between £50 and £400 per year depending on the level of Cash Plan you buy and the type of appointment you are claiming for. Do remember that this will not cover hospital stays for serious illnesses – these are covered by Private Health Insurance policies.

Other Simplyhealth cover includes the Simply Accident plan, which offers a tax free payout (under current tax legislation) should you suffer an accident that results in a bodily injury. Serious and minor accidents are covered, as is a dental accident.

The final cover on offer is Simplyhealth’s Dental Plan, which offers 100% money back for check-ups - including x-rays and investigations up to your annual limit.

You can compare Simplyhealth's prices and policies in depth versus others on the market using

How much does Simplyhealth insurance cost?

Affordable healthcare is one of Simplyhealth’s core objectives and, as it has no shareholders, the provider invests profits back into its business, or distributes them to charitable causes.

Although the company website quotes cover from 35p a day, the exact price of your premium will depend on lifestyle factors, your age and past medical history, among other things. The type of plan you select will also make a difference to price; Health Insurance will cost more as it covers a wider range of more expensive conditions, whereas the Dental Plan cover is available from 28p per day, for example.

The level of excess you select will also cause your premium to go up and down, as will the options you choose such as levels of cover and the hospitals at which you can get treatment.

Do bear in mind that the excess must be affordable in the event of a claim, so it is best to strike a balance between the monthly costs and required contribution following an accident or illness.

Some policies can be reduced through a no claims discount, while some offer free cover for up to four children under the age of 18.

You can compare Simplyhealth's prices and policies in depth versus others on the market using

What do Simplyhealth customers say?

According to a 2013 Simplyhealth customer satisfaction survey, 80% of policyholders would recommend Simplyhealth to a friend.

The independent review site gives its policies 2.2/5 stars on balance, with mixed feedback; one customer remarks that Simplyhealth offers “a quick and efficient service,” however another says “careless – a deteriorating service.”

Another review site, TrustPilot, has awarded Simplyhealth another middle of the road score of 4.9/10, with one customer complaining that during a recent claim, he found he was not covered to stay in hospital overnight with his children, despite them also having a Simplyhealth policy.

You can compare Simplyhealth's prices and policies in depth versus others on the market using

What do the experts say?

The industry website has rated Simplyhealth 8 stars out of 10, recommending it to employers wanting to provide affordable, cost-effective health benefits for employees.

Financial website has recommended Simplyhealth to the over 70s, who often find it difficult to obtain private medical insurance (there is no upper age limit to their Simply Personal Health insurance and they offer a specific 70+ Cash Plan).

Simplyhealth’s Health Insurance plan – Simply Personal Health - has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by industry body, Defaqto.

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