Picturehouse Central review: A dog-friendly cinema experience

26 March 2024 - 2 min read

It’s a chilly January Sunday morning when we visited Picturehouse Central for one of their dog screening events. I was beyond excited to check it out and my friends were very curious; ‘report back’ was requested a lot!

Every weekend across the month, dog screenings are hosted in various Picturehouse locations for select movies. Their website says they have snacks, water and blanketed seats to avoid hairs and mess – they even cater to cinema-loving pooches by turning down the volume a little to avoid hurting their superhero hearing. 

"A bustle of excited dogs with their humans, all happily greeting one another"


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So, how did the experience live up to the offer? Overall, it was very fun. On walking in, myself and my cockapoo Nula were greeted by a lively atmosphere; a bustle of excited dogs with their humans, all happily greeting one another. 

There was a long queue for treats and unfortunately on getting to the front we found they didn’t sell dog treats. I was told they do stock Jude’s dog ice cream but today they were all out. Turns out you need to queue early if you want to treat your pup! We bought popcorn instead and I shared a few pieces with Nula. Not ideal, but what’s a girl to do?

Supplies in hand, we headed to our screening. Their dog-friendly screenings have an open seating policy so we found two spots and settled in. We didn’t receive one of the promised dog blankets or a water bowl, but I could see that some of our four-legged neighbours had managed to snag one. After the film, I spotted both down the front – so I know where to find them next time we come. And there will be a next time. 

"Watching a movie with your dog is a great way to spend a morning"

The dogs were all very well behaved throughout the movie – bar a few growls and barks if the door opened or if something loud happened on screen. At other times during tender moments in the movie you might hear a dog slurping on water or crunching on a threat… all very cute and in no way annoying. All in all, our doggos did us proud!

After the movie we stayed to join a hotdog (yes, I know) in the dog-friendly café and bar area. It’s a great, reasonably priced spot to visit with your dog, even if you don’t have a movie to go to, and there’s lots of games to play while you hang out.

So what did I learn? Watching a movie with your dog is a great way to spend a morning and Picturehouse is well set up for it – though a little more direction from the staff would definitely help a first-timer. My tip is to get there early, bring a chew or two to keep your pup occupied and enjoy!

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