Kitten Insurance

Award-winning cover to keep your kitten safe

Protection for your kittens, peace of mind for you. Find pet insurance for kittens with up to £15,000 of vet fee cover a year.

  • Insurance for kittens as young as four weeks old
  • Unlimited, 2/7 video vet calls with FirstVet, at no extra cost
  • Added pet care discounts and perks to keep kittens happy and healthy
  • Up to £15,000 annual vet fee limit
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Choose award-winning insurance for your kitten

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Why should I get kitten insurance?

For such tiny bundles of fluff, kittens are pretty resilient creatures. But they’re also mischievous and curious, so there’s always a chance they’ll fall ill, or get injured while playing and exploring.

We know your kitten is a part of the family so our kitten insurance policies offer protection for medical conditions, dental issues, and other unexpected costs that might crop up as they grow.

That’s why we think it’s never too early to protect your kitten. We offer plans for kittens as young as four weeks old, including up to £15,000 of vet fee cover and a whole range of extra perks.

Why ManyPets kitten insurance?

We know you want the best for your kitten. That's why we're making pet insurance better.
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MoneyBack optional extra

Pay a little more for your policy and get 20% of your premium back at renewal if you haven’t needed to make a claim.

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Spread the cost

From vaccinations and scratched sofas to toys and treats, kittens can be expensive. So we won't charge you more to pay monthly.

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Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls with FirstVet

Get advice from a UK-registered vet on your phone, day or night, at no extra cost. No excess, no impact on your renewal price.

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Quality cover

All our policies have vet fee limits that reset when you renew so we can cover conditions year after year.

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Pre-existing conditions

All of our cat insurance policies cover conditions that have been free from signs, symptoms, treatment, medication or advice for two years or more. We also have a dedicated Pre-existing policy for cats that can cover health issues within this time.


Dental treatment

Our Complete cat insurance policy covers dental accidents and illness, as long as your kitten’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. All our other policies cover dental accidents.


Here to help

We want to help you get exactly the right kind of kitten insurance. Ask our pet-loving customer service team any question, big or small, by phone, email, or chat.

Extra pet perks

We want to care for your kitten’s health and wellbeing even when you don’t need to make a claim. That’s why we also provide discounted flea, tick and worm treatment, a year’s free pet sitter membership, and much more.

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Look after them with lifetime cat insurance

We know that your kitten is a bona fide furry member of the family. They’re your therapy, your mood-booster, your happiness. So why would we ever want you to risk them running out of cover when they need it?

That’s why we only do lifetime cat insurance policies here at ManyPets.

It just means the vet fee cover on your insurance policy will refresh each year when you renew. So even if you need to claim for pricey treatment, you’ll still have plenty of cover to fall back on throughout your cat’s lifetime.

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Covered from tooth to tail

That’s right, your kitten’s smile is covered too. Our Complete policy includes insurance for dental illness as well as accidents, as long as your kitten’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. Plus, all of our policies include cover for dental accidents.

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Unlimited 24/7 vet advice with your kitten insurance

Ever wished you had a vet in your contacts? Now you do. With your kitten insurance, you have unlimited access to our fast, 24/7 vet advice service – available weekends, evenings, whenever you need.

It’s perfect for times when you’re not sure if a vet visit is needed. Like when your kitten has a sudden change in appetite. Or if they take an unexpected tumble. Whether it’s an out-of-hours accident or a minor illness, speedy vet help is only ever a few taps away.

And the best part? Using the service has no impact on your claims history, so there’s no need to worry about your renewal price.

Compare our kitten insurance policies

Choose the level of cover that’s right for you.

Complete Regular Pre-existing Value
Policy details
Vet fee cover £15,000 £7,000 £7,000 £3,000
Dental cover Accidents and illness Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only
Pre-existing conditions cover
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls at no extra cost
Pet house sitter membership £99/yr
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When should I get kitten insurance?

Get ready: your kitten will start exploring and zooming as soon as they arrive home. And cute as that is, it means there’s always a chance of them getting into trouble – from minor mishaps, to more serious injuries or illnesses.

So, it makes sense to protect your kitten with insurance from the get-go – both for their health and wellbeing, and for your peace of mind. Insuring your kitten early also means they’ll always be covered for any health conditions they develop after you’ve taken out a policy – just as long as you keep renewing every year.

Our policies can help you do exactly that, with cover for kittens as young as four weeks old.

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How much does pet insurance for kittens cost?

Kitten insurance prices vary depending on a few different factors, which include:

  • The amount of cover the plan provides.

  • Your kitten’s size and breed: some types of cat are more likely to develop health problems.

  • Whether your kitten has been spayed or neutered - which can reduce the chance of it catching certain diseases.

  • Where you live. Certain areas, like London and the South East can be more expensive.

The best way to find out how much it’ll cost to insure your kitten is to get a quote - it only takes a few moments.

What is and isn't covered

What is covered by kitten pet insurance?

  • Vet fees (up to £15,000 on the Complete plan)

  • Dental accidents

  • Dental illness (on the Complete plan only)

  • Pre-existing conditions that have been free from treatment, medication or advice for two years.

  • 24/7 video vet calls with FirstVet

  • Advertising and reward costs for lost or stolen kittens

  • Cattery fees if you have to go into hospital and can’t find a sitter

  • Saying goodbye. A contribution towards the cost of putting your kitten to sleep and their cremation or burial

  • Complementary treatments like hydrotherapy, up to a limit given in your policy that’s part of your overall vet fee limit.

  • Behavioural treatment if referred by a vet as a result of illness or injury, as part of your vet fee limit.

What isn’t covered by kitten pet insurance?

  • Routine medical and dental check-ups

  • Preventative or elective treatments

  • Young kittens under four weeks old

  • Vaccinations

  • Spaying and neutering

  • Pregnancy

  • Flea, tick, and worm treatments

  • Illnesses that develop within 14 days of taking out your policy

  • Accidents that occur within 48 hours of taking out your policy

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ManyPets Preventative Pet Care

We want to help you take care of every aspect of your kitten’s health. Save time and money on monthly preventative care for fleas, ticks, and worms, and keep your pet happy and healthy all year round.

  • Flea, tick and worming treatment, with an exclusive discount for ManyPets members.
  • Safe, proven, non-prescription parasite treatment.
  • Free monthly delivery through your letterbox.

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Multi-pet insurance

Got a litter to cover? You can mix-and-match your kitten (or cat, or dog!) insurance with up to 15% multi-pet discount. That’s one of the highest multi-pet discounts in the UK. You can choose a different level of cover for each of your pet's including their own optional extras, because no two pets are the same. Available on all but our Value 2k policy.

The ManyPets reviews are in

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the thousands of five-star reviews ManyPets members have written about our pet insurance policies.

5 out of 5

“Recommended 100%”

Having this cover saved my cat's life. Big 10/10 - will be switching all mine over.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“ Our cats are happy!”

Great customer service, helpful and knowledgeable. The insurance was higher than last year’s premium but still competitive.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Wouldn’t go with anyone else”

They’ve been amazing to work with this year. Helped out two of my cats and paid for them fully and was amazing when one my my cats died and were so understanding.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“This is what I call excellent customer service”

Quick and easy to make a claim. Claim paid the following day. Exceptional service. Very happy customer and cats.


Kitten insurance FAQs

Everything else you need to know about your kitten insurance plan.

What age can I insure my kitten from?

We offer cover for kittens as young as four weeks old.

Can I get my kitten neutered on insurance?

Cat insurance is designed to cover unpredictable accidents and illnesses, so routine procedures like spaying and neutering aren't included on our cat insurance policies.

Can I insure my kitten before they are vaccinated?

Yes, we can insure kittens as young as four weeks old.

If you choose not to vaccinate your kitten when your vet recommends it, then we can still insure them for other unrelated things - we just wouldn't be able to cover any illnesses that could have been prevented by a vaccine, unless your vet has specifically recommended otherwise.

Am I covered if my kitten is lost or stolen?

We can offer lost or stolen cover on most of our policies, and can help with the cost of advertising or rewards for the lost or stolen kitten. The lost or stolen cover is included as standard on our Complete policy, or can be added as an optional extra on the others in our range.

Does my kitten need to be microchipped to be insured?

Some insurance policies are cheaper if your kitten has a microchip because it means there is a better chance of finding them if they’re lost or stolen. An insurer is less likely to have to pay out for a lost pet, so the risk is a little lower.

Kitten health & insurance guides

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