New £99 excess and how this will work

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We are always listening to the voice of our customers and understand that we need to act on what we hear. Doing just that we have introduced a new excess option!

From 06/03/2020 a new excess option of £99 is being added to all our products. However, you will still be able to select a lower excess if it’s better for you.

If you’re already one of our policy holders and your pet is under 9, you will be auto renewed on your current excess, unless you change this during your renewal period.

For existing customers with pets over 9, you will be auto renewed on your current excess +20% of the claim value. You can choose to increase this to £99 +20% to make your premiums cheaper.

Our Fixed for life and Pre-Existing customers will find no change to their excess options.

The fixed for life policy will also have the option of the £99 excess

Our Value, Regular, Money-back and Complete customers will be able to take advantage of the new excess from the 6th of March.

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