Dog insurance with third-party liability cover

Extra peace of mind for you, extra cover your dog

All of our dog insurance policies include third-party liability cover.

  • Cover for legal costs if action is taken against you because of your dog
  • Included as standard on all of our dog insurance policies
  • Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls with FirstVet at no extra cost
  • Extra pet health perks with your policy. Terms apply*
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What is third-party liability dog insurance?

No matter how friendly or well-trained your dog is, sadly accidents can (and do) happen. There’s always a chance your dog could react unexpectedly, or simply get over excited, and cause injury or damage to a person, their property, or another dog.

Under UK law, owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under control. That means you may be responsible for any costs if they cause third-party injury or damage.

That’s where the ‘Cover for legal action’ section of your dog insurance kicks in. It’s there to help cover the costs of legal fees if someone takes action against you because your dog:

  • Bites someone or causes an injury

  • Injures another dog, a cat or livestock

  • Runs into the road and causes damage to a car

  • Damages someone else’s property outside your home

From chewed furniture to minor injuries, third-party costs can get very expensive, very quickly. So it’s helpful to know that you’ll be able to manage should something unexpected happen.

Dog insurance for all ages

All of our dog insurance policies include third-party liability insurance.

Puppy insurance

Puppies can be accident-prone, naughty, and vulnerable to illness. Get ahead of their health problems with our puppy insurance plans.

Dog insurance

When your dog is a part of the family, it helps to know that they’re protected from accidents, illness, and other mishaps. We offer insurance for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Older dog insurance

Just like humans, our dogs are more likely to need cover as they age. Luckily our dog insurance cover has no upper age limit.

What does third-party liability dog insurance include?

We include third-party liability cover as standard with all our dog insurance policies.

Third party liability policies will always vary by insurer so make sure to check your policy details.

Our cover includes:

  • Help with the cost of a lawyer to defend you if legal action is taken against you because of your pet.

  • The settlement amounts or damages awarded if the action against you is successful, unless any laws, rules or regulations have been broken.

We won’t pay if:

  • The incident that caused the legal action took place while someone else was being paid to look after your pet.

  • The action is related to your work, business or employees.

  • The action is taken against you by a family member or someone you live with.

  • You’ve admitted that you or your pet are at fault.

  • You or your pet has broken any laws, rules or regulations.

  • You haven’t provided any and all relevant information.

Why pick ManyPets dog insurance?

Cover for third-party liability is just a small part of what we include as standard. Here’s a few more reasons why we think our dog insurance stands out from the pack.
Pre existing condition icon

Pre-existing conditions

All of our dog insurance policies cover conditions that haven’t needed any treatment for two years or more. We also have a dedicated Pre-existing policy for dogs that can cover more recent conditions.


Dental treatment

Our Complete dog insurance policy covers dental accidents and illness, as long as your dog’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. All our other policies cover dental accidents.

Extra pet perks

We always want to care for your dog’s health and wellbeing, even when you don’t need to claim. That’s why we provide discounted flea, tick and worm treatment, a pet-sitting membership offer and much more. Terms apply*


Behavioural cover

We’ll cover behavioural treatment that’s needed as a result of an accident or injury when recommended by your vet.


Complementary treatments

If your dog is referred by a vet for hydrotherapy or another complementary therapy, you have cover within your vet fee limit. The level ranges from £500 to £2,500 depending on your policy.


Spread the cost

You can pay for your dog insurance policy monthly at no extra cost.

Payments icon

MoneyBack optional extra

Pay a little more for your policy and get 20% of your premium back at renewal if you haven’t needed to make a claim.

Compare our dog insurance policies

All of our dog insurance policies include pet liability cover. Compare our policies and choose the level of cover that’s right for you.

Complete Regular Pre-existing Value
Policy details
Vet fee cover £15,000 £7,000 £7,000 £3,000
Dental cover Accidents and illness Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only
Pre-existing conditions cover
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls at no extra cost
Extra pet health perks *Terms apply

Want to chat about our third-party liability insurance?

Our friendly team are waiting. Call us to get all your third-party liability insurance questions answered and to get a quote on 03456460749.

Look after them with lifetime dog insurance

We know that your dog is a bona fide furry member of the family. They’re your therapy, your mood-booster, your happiness. So why would we ever want you to risk them running out of cover when they need it?

That’s why we only do lifetime dog insurance policies here at ManyPets.

It just means the vet fee cover on your dog insurance will refresh each year when you renew. So even if you need to claim for pricey treatment, you’ll still have plenty of cover to fall back on throughout your dog’s lifetime.

Covered from tooth to tail

That’s right, your dog’s smile is covered too. Our Complete policy includes insurance for dental illness as well as accidents, as long as your dog’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. Plus, all of our policies include cover for dental accidents.

Get pet perks worth up to £500

You get more than just dog insurance when you take out a ManyPets policy. Here’s what else you can get your paws on. Offers may change at any time. Terms apply*

Free petsitting

A year’s free TrustedHousesitters membership, worth £99. Offer ends 31/08/24. Terms apply*

worm treatment drops

Preventative pet care

Get discounted flea, tick and worming preventative treatment.

Doggy discounts

Enjoy exclusive savings on dog treats, accessories and more.

Dog and owner calling vet

Unlimited 24/7 video vet advice

Ever wished you had a vet in your contacts? Now you do. As a member of our pack, you have unlimited access to our speedy 24/7 video vet advice service – available weekends, evenings, whenever you need.

It’s perfect for times when you’re not sure if a vet visit is needed. Whether it’s an out-of-hours accident or a minor illness, speedy vet help is only ever a few taps away.

And the best part? Using the app has no impact on your claims history.

Vet with two dogs

Multi-pet insurance

Got a pack to cover? We’ll give you a discount of up to 15% for dogs (and cats) on the same policy – available on all but our Value 2k policy. That’s one of the highest multi-pet discounts in the UK.

Did we mention pet parents love us?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the thousands of five-star reviews ManyPets members have written about our dog insurance policies.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Dogs best friend”

Always there when I need them and providing an excellent service for Hugo

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Good value policy, efficient easy claims process”

I recently put in 2 claims for my dog, I was shocked when the next day I had an email to say my claim had been approved and paid. You really can't get better than that. The policy offers better protection, and at a lower cost than another well known policy providers.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Great Insurance for your furry loved ones”

One of my dog has a long term illness that requires tablets everyday. ManyPets have been very supportive and helpful and have promptly paid for these tablets. I am glad we chose to use ManyPets. We took out the most extensive care plans that are available and they have proved their value time after time.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Stop here you've found what you looking for!”

I cannot thank the Many Pets team enough for their compassion when dealing with my claim. They were the calm, whilst we were in a storm, regarding our pets health. Without their professionalism & the calm reassuring way they dealt with us, I really do think we wouldn't have our dog with us today. I was also grateful, that Many Pets dealt directly with my vet. I wish I could give them more than five stars.


Claiming is easy

Dog insurance should be simple – so now it is. Here’s how easy it is to claim on your dog policy.
Contact us icon

1. Your proof

Get a copy of your dog’s treatment invoice or a receipt if payment has been made.

2. Access your account

Log into your ManyPets online account.

Claims icon

3. Make your claim

Click 'Make a claim', tell us what happened and upload your evidence. We’ll take it from there.

Third-party liability dog insurance FAQs

Everything else you need to know about the third-party liability cover included with your dog insurance.

Why do I need third-party liability insurance for my dog?

Dogs aren’t aggressive animals but there’s always a chance they could get over excited and misbehave, and end up injuring someone or damaging someone else’s property. Vet fees, property damage, and legal costs can be extremely expensive so it makes sense to get pet liability insurance for your dog ahead of time in order to manage third-party issues and let you spend time with them without worrying.

How much does third-party insurance for dogs cost?

The cost of pet liability insurance for dogs will vary by insurer, but will depend on factors including your dog’s age, size, breed, location, and health. The best way to find out the cost of dog liability insurance is to get a quote - it only takes a few minutes.

Are there any exclusions with third-party liability pet insurance?

At ManyPets, if your dog meets the eligibility criteria for our pet insurance policies they’ll qualify for third-party liability cover as it’s included standard on all of our dog insurance policies.

Every policy is different so you’ll need to check your policy wording carefully for any exclusions or limits on your third-party liability cover.

Does third-party liability cover include working dogs?

It's always best to check the details of your insurance policy, but most will not cover working dogs or dogs that are taken into workplaces voluntarily.

Does third-party liability cover dangerous dogs?

Most insurers, including ManyPets, won’t provide cover for dogs that are considered dangerous, have been trained to attack, have ever been in a fight, attacked or bitten another animal or person.

Dog health and insurance guides

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