Review: Pet Insurance from Pets at Home

25 July 2022 - 2 min read

Key policy features

  • Policies provided by recommended partner Petplan

  • Discounts offered to online and multi-pet customers

  • Lifetime cover available

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    Get £15,000 lifetime vet fee cover with our Complete policy.

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Does Pets at Home offer pet insurance?

Pets at Home does not offer its own pet insurance policies, but it recommends Petplan and you can buy policies by going through the pets at home website. Dogs, cats and rabbits can be covered.

The cover is identical to what you would get if you went directly to Petplan although if you get a quote through the Pets at Home website you'll see a Pets at Home logo on the Petplan quote page.

Read our review of Petplan's pet insurance.

Petplan offers a range of policies including lifetime policies under the Covered for Life umbrella. These allow you to claim year after year for a condition your pet develops while it's insured. If you renew each year the level of vet fees resets.

Its most comprehensive policy is Ultimate, which comes with up to £12,000 of vet fee cover each year.

How much does Petplan pet insurance through Pets at Home cost?

Petplan insurance bought via the Pets at Home website is likely to cost the same as a normal Petplan policy. The price will be influenced by a number of factors such as the breed of your pet, how old it is and where it lives.

Are promotional codes available for Petplan insurance through Pets at Home?

There's a 10% discount for customers who buy their pet insurance policy online. This is also available on the Petplan website along with a multi pet discount for those insuring two or more pets. You may be eligible for special offers if you join Pets at Home’s VIP club.

Expert reviews of Petplan insurance

Petplan's Ultimate policy is rated four out of five stars by Fairer Finance experts as of July 2022. Its other dog and cat policies are rated four or three stars.

In July 2022 Petplan was rated 12th out of 28 pet insurers for customer experience, according to Fairer Finance

How to make a claim on Petplan insurance

Even if you bought your policy via the Pets at Home website, you'll need to make your claim with Petplan because that is the company your policy is with.

To make the claim you can fill in a claims form, which can be downloaded from the Petplan or Petplan through Pets at Home website. You'll need information from your vet about the treatment your pet is receiving. Or you can call Petplan customer services on 0344 209 0786.

Other services available from Pets at Home

Pets at home is one of the leading chain of pet stores in the UK, with over 350 branches across the country.

As well as selling a range of pet supplies, food, toys and accessories, they also offer advice on caring for a wide variety of pets and own a chain of vets.

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