Review: Waggel Pet Insurance

25 July 2022 - 3 min read

Key policy features

  • Waggel provides lifetime pet insurance policies for cats and dogs.

  • Up to £15,000 of annual vet fee coverage.

  • 24/7 video consultations with UK vets through Joii.

  • Discounts on pet food and accessories.

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    Get £15,000 lifetime vet fee cover with our Complete policy.

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How does Waggel compare to ManyPets?

Waggel was launched in December 2018 a year after ManyPets' pet insurance. Both companies offer lifetime policies covering cats and dogs.


All ManyPets and Waggel policies are lifetime, which means the vet fee cover level resets every year you renew. That makes it suitable for ongoing illness and conditions throughout the lifetime of your pet.

ManyPets' Complete policy gives pet owners a vet fee cover level of £15,000 which is equal to Waggel's highest level. If you don't need that much cover, ManyPets offer lifetime policies with lower cover limits as well.

Multi-pet discount

With ManyPets you can get up to 15% multi-pet discount if you insure more than one pet. You can mix-and-match plans choosing the level of cover suitable for each of your pets. (Our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy).

Waggel do not offer a multi-pet discount.

Complementary and behavioural treatment

Within the overall vet fee limit, Waggel and ManyPets have lower limits on annual claims for complementary treatments. Waggel has a £1,000 limit and ManyPets' Complete policy has a £2,500 limit.

Waggel also has a £1,000 limit within the overall vet fee limit for behavioural treatments. ManyPets covers behavioural treatment up to the full vet fee limit.

Pre-existing conditions

ManyPets can cover conditions that ended more than two years ago on all our policies. We also have a Pre-existing policy that can cover conditions that have ended more recently.

Waggel does not cover pre-existing conditions.


With both ManyPets and Waggel, you can't make a claim for illnesses that happen in the first 14 days of your new policy.

But ManyPets allows new customers to make an immediate claim if they've switched directly to ManyPets from another pet insurance provider they've been with for 12 months or more.

Waggel and ManyPets both provide their customers with online vet support. You can learn more about ManyPets vet support here.

Waggel offers a personal claims handler. ManyPets does not provide this service but all claims are tracked in a customer's online account. You can log in at any time to see how your claim is progressing.

We've compared the top levels of cover that we and Waggel offer. The table uses our Complete policy for cover levels.

ManyPets Waggel
Highest level of vet fee cover £15,000 (lifetime) £15,000 (lifetime)
24/7 online vet advice Yes Yes
Claims waiting period is removed if you switch to the provider Yes No (14 day waiting period applies)
Lifetime cover All policies All policies
Excess payable Once a policy year Yes - per new claim
Multi-pet discount Up to 15% discount on multi-pet mix-and-match plans. (Not currently available on the Value 2k policy.) No
Cover for dental accidents and illness Yes (Up to full vet fee limit) Yes (£1,000)

How much does Waggel pet insurance cost?

The cost of pet insurance is influenced by a number of different factors. These include the breed of your pet, their age and where you live. For this reason, it can be difficult to make an accurate prediction of how much pet insurance from Waggel will cost.

Pet policy excess

Waggel customers can choose the amount of excess they wish to pay which can lower monthly premium prices. This includes an option of: £0, £50, £100, £200, £250 or £500.

ManyPets offers a range of excess options from £69 up to £160. A higher excess can help lower your monthly premium.

Are promotional codes and discounts available for Waggel?

Waggel provide awards and discounts with a number of pet brand partners.

With ManyPets you can sign up for our flea, tick and worm plan delivered to your door. You’ll get a discount on the plan  and you don’t need to have an insurance policy to buy it.

How to make a claim with Waggel

To make a claim, customers need to log into their account and answer some questions. Waggel will then contact your vet directly to process the claim.

Customers can track the progress of their claim online. Once a claim has been processed, Waggel will pay a vet directly. If this isn't possible the payment can be made to policy holders.

Irina Wells
Content Marketing Executive

Irina is a former content marketing executive for ManyPets. She has contributed to a number of personal finance sites, including Loot Financial Services and Claro Money.