Puppy Insurance

The best kind of puppy love

Keep tiny tails wagging: find pet insurance for puppies, with up to £15,000 vet fee cover a year.

  • Help is at hand day and night with 24/7 video vet calls with FirstVet, at no extra cost
  • Pet care discounts to keep your pup happy and healthy
  • Up to £15,000 annual vet fee limit
  • Extra pet health perks with your policy. Terms apply*
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4.3 out of 5
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Award-winning insurance

Voted Pet Insurance Provider of the Year in the 2024 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards; Winners of the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2023; Awarded 5 stars by Fairer Finance 2024.

Why should I get insurance for my puppy?

You know puppies – they’re always full of energy and excitement. As cute as that is, it also means they’ll be running around, playing, exploring, and getting into trouble from the moment they arrive home.

When your little furry friends are that young, it’s easy for accidents to happen. And even the best-behaved pup can fall ill, or eat something they shouldn’t – so it’s a huge comfort to know they’ll be protected if they need a trip to the vet for any reason.

At ManyPets, we know how important it is to give pups the best start. That’s why we offer cover for puppies as young as four weeks old - with up to £15,000 of annual vet fee cover, and a range of perks and add-ons.

Why ManyPets puppy insurance?

We know you want the best for your pup. That's why we're making pet insurance better.
A rosette with a paw print

MoneyBack optional extra

Pay a little more for your policy and get 20% of your premium back at renewal if you haven’t needed to make a claim.

A banknote with wings

Spread the cost

Chewed shoes, vet trips, countless tennis balls: puppies can be expensive. So we won't charge you more to pay monthly.

A shield with a plus on it

Help when you need it

Unlimited online vet advice, available 24 hours a day - because pups can get into trouble at all hours.

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Quality cover

All our policies have vet fee limits that reset when you renew so we can cover conditions year after year.

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Pre-existing conditions

All of our dog insurance policies cover conditions that have been free from signs, symptoms, treatment, medication or advice for two years or more. We also have a dedicated Pre-existing policy for dogs that can cover health issues within this time.


Dental treatment

Our Complete dog insurance policy covers dental accidents and illness, as long as your puppy’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. All our other policies cover dental accidents.


Here to help

We want to help you get exactly the right kind of puppy insurance. Ask our pet-loving customer service team any question, big or small, by phone, email, or chat.

Extra pet perks

We want to care for your puppy’s health and wellbeing even when you don’t need to make a claim. That’s why we also provide discounted flea, tick and worm treatment, a pet-sitting membership offer and much more. Terms apply*.

A dog with a bandaged paw being stroked by a vet

Look after them with lifetime dog insurance

We know that your puppy is a bona fide furry member of the family. They’re your therapy, your mood-booster, your happiness. So why would we ever want you to risk them running out of cover when they need it?

That’s why we only do lifetime dog insurance policies here at ManyPets.

It just means that whatever level of cover you choose, it’ll refresh each year when you renew your policy. You can claim up to the full vet fee limit every year and we’ll continue to provide cover for conditions your pup may develop during their lifetime

So even if one year your puppy needs treatment that costs an arm and a hind leg, you’ll still have the same amount of cover to fall back on after your policy renews.

Vet inspecting a Husky's teeth

Covered from tooth to tail

That’s right, your puppy’s smile is covered too. Our Complete policy includes insurance for dental illness as well as accidents, as long as your puppy’s had a dental check-up within the last twelve months, and you’ve followed any dental treatment recommended by a vet within six months. Plus, all of our policies include cover for dental accidents.

A vet walking out of a phone to pet a dog

Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls with your puppy insurance

Ever wished you had a vet in your contacts? Now you do. With your puppy insurance, you have access to unlimited 24/7 video vet calls from FirstVet, at no extra cost. Available weekends, evenings, whenever you need.

It’s perfect for times when you’re not sure if a vet visit is needed. Like when your puppy has a sudden change in appetite. Or if they take an unexpected tumble. Whether it’s an out-of-hours accident or a minor illness, speedy vet help is only ever a few taps away.

And the best part? There’s no excess to pay for using the video vet service — and it won’t impact your renewal price. 

Compare our puppy insurance policies

Choose the level of cover that’s right for you.

Complete Regular Pre-existing Value
Policy details
Vet fee cover £15,000 £7,000 £7,000 £3,000
Dental cover Accidents and illness Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only
Pre-existing conditions cover
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Unlimited 24/7 video vet calls at no extra cost
Extra pet health perks *Terms apply
Drawing of hands holding up a puppy

When should I get puppy insurance?

While they can be bundles of energy when they’re young, there’s always a chance that your puppy could become ill or injure themselves while they’re playing. In fact, almost 25% of the puppy insurance claims we handle are for accidents. 

That’s why we recommend starting insurance for your puppy as soon as they arrive home. That way you’re covered for the cost of any unexpected vet visits – plus any conditions they develop early on for as long as you keep renewing your policy.

Man holding his dog

Couldn’t have been easier!

Got a new Chorkie puppy and one week later he jumped up and pulled my earring off, swallowing it! He didn't pass it so he was admitted. I thought there was a good chance in the insurance not paying but I couldn’t be more wrong. They were amazing on the phone and it was all done online with a few clicks. Couldn’t recommend this company more!

How much does pet insurance for puppies cost?

Puppy insurance prices vary depending on a few different factors, which include:

  • The amount of cover your plan provides

  • Your puppy’s size and breed: some dogs are more likely to develop health problems.

  • Whether your puppy has been spayed or neutered.

  • Where you live. Certain areas, like London and the South East can be more expensive.

What is and isn't covered

What does puppy pet insurance cover?

  • Vet fees (up to £15,000 on our Complete plan)

  • Dental accidents

  • Dental illness (on our Complete plan)

  • Pre-existing conditions (that have been free from treatment, medication or advice for two years)

  • 24/7 online vet advice

  • Advertising and reward costs for lost or stolen puppies

What doesn’t puppy pet insurance cover?

  • Preventative medical or dental treatments, as well as routine check-ups

  • Puppies under four weeks old

  • Vaccinations

  • Spaying and neutering

  • Flea, tick, and worm treatments

  • Illnesses that develop within 14 days of taking out your policy

Vet petting dog and cat

ManyPets Preventative Pet Care

We want to help you take care of every aspect of your puppy’s health. Save time and money on preventative care for fleas, ticks, and worms, and keep your pup happy and healthy all year round.

  • Flea, tick and worming treatment, with an exclusive discount for ManyPets members.
  • Safe, proven, non-prescription parasite treatment.
  • Free monthly delivery through your letterbox.

Vet with two dogs

Multi-pet insurance

Got a pack to cover? You can mix-and-match your pet insurance with up to 15% multi-pet discount. Choose a different level of cover for each of your pet's including their own optional extras, because no two pets are the same. Available on all but our Value 2k policy.

The ManyPets reviews are in

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the thousands of five-star reviews ManyPets members have written about our pet insurance policies.

5 out of 5

“Couldn’t have been easier!”

Got a new Chorkie puppy and one week later he jumped up and pulled my earring off, swallowing it! He didn't pass it so he was admitted. I thought there was a good chance in the insurance not paying but I couldn’t be more wrong. They were amazing on the phone and it was all done online with a few clicks. Couldn’t recommend this company more!

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Fantastic Service”

Our pup has ended up with about £15k of vet bills due to Elbow Dysplasia. They have paid out with no issue at all and have been amazing to say the least.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Straightforward quotes and signing up process”

After a Google search I came across Many Pets and they appeared to be a lot cheaper than other insurance providers for a bulldog puppy. The policy details were clear and it was easy to set up.

5 out of 5
Feefo independent customer feedback

“Honestly couldn't be without ManyPets”

I've recently had to make claims against vet bills incurred for my 5month old cockapoo Bailey. 2 direct claims and a claim to reimburse vets appointments to myself. ManyPets were incredibly quick to pay out and have always been incredibly helpful. I can't thank them enough!


Puppy insurance FAQs

Everything else you need to know about your puppy insurance plan.

What age can I insure my puppy from?

We can cover puppies from just four weeks old. You can also choose the start date for your policy, so if you know the date that you’ll be welcoming your puppy home, you can get your insurance to start as soon as they arrive. Just remember: you can't claim for accidents in the first 48 hours or for illnesses in the first 14 days of your policy.

When can my puppy go outside?

Your puppy can explore your garden straight away as long as it’s safe (check those fences!), and as long as your vet says it’s fine and the garden isn’t used by unvaccinated dogs. With that said, it’s a good idea to wait until a week after their second vaccinations before taking them out for walks.

It’s important to make sure you follow your vet’s advice on vaccinations and on taking care of your puppy before they’re fully protected. Diseases like distemper and parvovirus can be devastating for pet parents should they fall ill before they’ve been vaccinated.

Does pet insurance cover puppy vaccinations?

Vaccinations aren’t covered by your puppy insurance policy because they’re classified as routine procedures. 

Can my puppy have pre-existing conditions?

It’s a misconception about puppy health insurance that you won’t have to worry about cover for pre-existing conditions because they’re too young to have been poorly in the past.

Sadly dogs can develop an illness at any age, and some pups will be born with health issues. And as soon as they’re noted by a vet on your puppy’s veterinary records, they’ll become pre-existing conditions for insurance purposes if you don’t already have a policy.

That’s one of the reasons why we cover pups from four weeks old: we want you to have peace of mind from the moment they join your family.

If a vet has noticed a health condition in your pup before you have cover, the good news is we can still cover it in two ways:

  1. A Complete, Regular or Value policy, won’t cover the condition until two years after it ends. As long as your puppy has no signs or symptoms or needs no treatment, medication or advice for the condition for two years, we’ll cover it in the future, just as we would a new condition, if it crops up again.

  2. If you’re insuring an older pup who’s had a health issue within this time, our Preexisting policy might be suitable. They just have to have been free from signs or symptoms, treatment, medication or advice for three months.

  3. If your pet has had signs or symptoms, treatment, medication or advice within the last three months, the condition will need to be free from these for three months before you can claim for it. Check your policy wording carefully for more details.

Should a puppy come with insurance?

Some breeders and rescues send their pups to new homes with a few weeks’ insurance cover, but you’ll need to check any documents carefully to find out what you’re getting, and how long it lasts. If you arrange cover with us as soon as your free puppy insurance expires, you’ll be covered for most things after a waiting period of 14 days for illness and 48 hours for accidents. Check your policy wording for more details.

Will I be covered if my puppy’s stolen?

Thankfully, puppy theft is rare but our Complete policy includes cover for the cost of advertising, and rewards for lost or stolen dogs as standard. You can add that cover as an optional extra to all our other policies.