How do I get an update on my claim?

Kenwyn Birtwhistle
Kenwyn Birtwhistle
Last updated 9 days ago - 1 min read

Track your claim in the Existing Customers section of our site, this is kept up to date and if you have not heard from us, don't worry. We are working on it and we will contact you if we require any additional information

To view the claims status tracker on our website, follow our step-by-step guide!

First of all, head to our website at

Unless you are there already...

If you are not logged - Click on "Existing Customers" in the top right hand corner. Enter your email and password to log in to the website.

Once logged in/if logged in already - Click on "My Account" to open the drop-down menu. Click "My Quotes and Policies"

The page should look like this with your active policies showing below:

Click on "View Policy" which will take you to this page:

Next click on "View Claims" which will take you here:

On this page, you will see the most recent updates to your open claims in a timeline style display.

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