How do I submit a continuation claim for an ongoing condition?

Stephanie Birnage
Stephanie Birnage
Last updated 8 days ago - 1 min read

Continuation claim’s can be submitted by logging in with your email and password through the Existing Customers area of our website, you will find the service in the ‘my quotes and policies’ area when you click on ‘My Account’.

For ongoing conditions, you can submit a new claim at each new point of treatment or you can also wait until all the treatment has been completed and then submit your claim as one big claim at the end.

Claims can be registered up to 12 months after the event.

If you would prefer to email or call us to submit a new claim, please follow the below guidelines.

For customers with £3,000, £7,000 and £15,000 of vet fee cover, please email or call 0333 130 4552

For customers with £2,000 of vet fee cover, please email or call 0345 646 1213

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