Pre-Existing conditions

  • What are bilateral conditions? Do you cover them?

    What is a bilateral condition? A bilateral condition is a medical condition that can happen on both sides of the body. Examples are cruciate ligament issues, slipping knee caps (also known as luxating patella) or joint dysplasia (such as hip or...
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  • What is seen as a pre-existing condition?

    This is anything that your pet has had treatment, medication or advice for in the last 24 months. Treatment - e.g an operation before the policy started. Medication -  e.g ongoing medication or recent medication is given before policy has started....
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  • Can you cover my pet's pre-existing condition?

    We want to make better insurance for everyone. That's why we've created a new approach to pre-existing conditions for our pet insurance policies. If you're looking to find cover for an illness or injury that has required treatment, medication or...
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  • Pre-existing Policies explained

    Firstly, what is a pre-existing condition? A ‘pre-existing condition’ is any injury or illness that’s needed treatment, medication or vet’s advice in the last 24 months. A lot of insurance companies won't cover a condition again if it happened in...
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